21 January 2013

A drive in the sunshine

A Red Squirrel in a park in east Hakodate this morning. There are several feeders which attract lots of tits and nuthatches................there must have been 20 or more Varied Tits.

It was a sunny (even mild..........maybe even above zero for the first time in ages) day and we drove around the coast to Onuma.  A very nice drive in crisp clear light.

Lots of common stuff on the sea and in the harbours................such as Scaup and Glaucous Gull.

The eastern side of the peninsula has lots of hills coming down to the sea meaning it is ion the shade most of the day: on some of the cliffs huge icicles form and it was distinctly chilly out of the sun.

Back at Onuma the Ural Owl was in its hole.

There were several White Tailed Eagle in various spots, a flock of Brambling in the park at Hakodate, some Black Necked Grebe at Esan and the usual gulls and wildfowl on the sea.

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  1. The Glaucous BIF is a quality shot.

  2. Thanks Stuart, yes even though they are a common bird here I can't resist snapping away at them...........

  3. Great looking squirrel. I'm yet to see a wild squirrel. Have seen some chipmunks but still waiting for a squirrel. Like the gull too but the owl is very cool.


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