8 December 2012

On this day (December 8th)................

Japanese Waxwing

December 8th 2010.

A Japanese Waxwing, part of a small flock in the park near my apartment 2 years ago today. This is usually the scarcer of the 2 waxwing species found in Japan but 2 winters ago there were lots of both species in town. They generally arrive in mid to late January so this group was rather early...............

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  1. Stunning bird. We've had a lot of Waxwings this year - no pics for me though :(

  2. Excellent photograph. I've still just ever seen one waxwing back in 2009 and it was a Bohemian. Wonder why you had lots of both kinds then and not now?

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Russell-both waxwing species are very unpredictable. Some winters we only get one type, other winters we get mainly one type with a few of the other, some winters we fet lots of both species whilst some winers (like last winter) we don't get any of either species.

  4. Fabulous picture Stuart! I love to see photos of the Waxwing as I never see them here.

    Another one with a berry in it's beak!!!:)


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