9 December 2012

A gap in the blizzards

White Tailed and Stellers Sea Eagles at Yakumo this afternoon. A bit of a strange day, mostly blizzards but with a few bright interludes. There were lots of eagles at Yakumo, we were showing them to my wife's friends. Lots of missed opps of birds standing in the river and upstream the weather was too nasty for any decent photos.

The Stellers was a fairly big crop, I really have to find a way to afford a longer lens.

We picked up my wife's friends at the ferry terminal in the morning and there was a big flock of Rooks there with at least 5 Daurian Jackdaw. The same 2 species were also present in Mori. A large flock of several hundred Hawfinch was in Yakumo and a smaller flock in Onuma. Other interesting stuff included Black Woodpecker and a late Red Flanked Bluetail at Onuma. Goshawk, Merlin and Buzzard from the car, all the usual ducks including Harlequin at Yakumo.

Last week in Hakodate was pretty unevenful (except a big storm followed by blizzards and then a biggish earthquake)..............a flock of Long Tailed Tits next to the river near my apartment was my most noteworthy bird sighting.

Thanks to Osamu and Yumiko for shouting us lunch and Starbucks..................

A very hot bath followed by a cold beer or 2 in front of the footy beckons.

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  1. Some great eagle shots. Really would like to see them like that. The rain here has turned into heavy snow but I don't dare to go out. I hated the earthquake on Friday night, just after I got home. There'd have to be at least White-tails around here so I keep thinking I should go looking for them soon.

  2. Top quality BIFs and always impressive to see the Stellers.
    I actually saw a WT Eagle today - one of the ones from the recent reintroductions here - miles away and tags flapping in the wind.

  3. Thanks for the comments......

    Russell-yes it was a bit scary in view of last year's events.

    Stuart-I saw some White Taileds on Rhun in 1985, still my only sighting of the species outside Hokkaido.......

  4. Heard about your earthquake on the BBC World Service, glad no damage in Hakodate.

    With the Steller's pics, the sunlit ones would normally beat shots under overcast skies, but the shot here of one in a flurry of snow looks great, very atmospheric.

    We've been getting the gloom here, but not the snow to compensate !


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