11 December 2012

A morning in the park

A Coal Tit, Varied Tit and Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker in Goryokaku Park this morning. There was a mixed species flock containing the above 3 plus Great Tit and Nuthatch. Not much else although a passing Sparrowhawk flushed a few small birds including several Crossbill that quickly disappeared again.

There were also Coal tit and Nuthatches in the park near my flat.....................this shot was taken low down and my knees are still hurting.

This Great Egret was also on the river.

Yesterday I was in Kamiiso but no photos survived the cull. There were the usual common ducks and the regular wintering flock of 20 or so Whooper Swans has arrived. There were large numbers of Common Gull on the sea and 1 Great Crested Grebe and 3 Black Necked Grebe in the harbour.

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  1. Varied Tits and Pygmy Woodpeckers are super smart little birds.
    I love the texture of the bark in the Woodpecker shot.

  2. Fine Tit shots, the Varied is outstanding, and Coal Tit worth the knee pain - I hope !

  3. Some great shots. I really like the ice and cones on the ground. Makes for a nice setting.

  4. Great serie, the bird on the 2nd image is very nice...i never seen it before!

  5. Thanks for the comments.........

    Dominic-it is a Varied Tit, an east Asian endemic..........

  6. Hi Stuart!

    This is my third attempt to see your post. As soon as the Coal Tit came up I tried, but it was soooo slow to appear I gave up. Anyway
    today was faster and it was a feast for the eyes. Such gorgeous photos of these little birds. I've never seen a Varied Tit, what a sweetie, and it's always a pleasure to see such great photos of the Pygmy Woodpecker.

  7. I'm thinking about hopping on a plane to Japan just to see and photograph one of those Pygmy Woodpeckers. Great portrait Stu.

  8. Brilliant series Stuart!
    A part from the Egret, I am discovering with delight the birds of your area!


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