3 December 2012

Grey Monday

It was a grey start to the week, I took a walk down to the Brent Geese spot ans was surprised to find only 4 of them...............

There were a few Harlequin Duck out of range for a shot as well as Glaucous Winged Gull and Pelagic Cormorant but not much else. It was sleeting and drizzling but not so cold. Back in town were the usual species including Rustic Bunting, Pintail, Marsh Tit, Nuthatch and 4 Great Egret on the river near my apartment.

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  1. Those GEs are stunning against the dark background. There are some PB Brents shaping up to winter at Cramond - always nice to see these dainty little geese.

  2. Hi Stuart, actually it wasn't so dark, I just underexposed a lot for the egret.......

  3. Cool geese. Nice to get so close to them. You're exposure of the egrets is spot on. Very serene results.

  4. Good to see Brents so well, no chance here for such pics here.


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