26 December 2012

Another Christmas in Hokkaido #3

A male Black Woodpecker at Onuma a couple of days ago. It was just before the sun went down, it is always dark or getting dark when I see them..........

The Ural Owl was in the same place..........

The lake is frozen now....only a few tiny patches of open water remain for the wintering wildfpwl......

Whooper Swan and Mallard mainly but there was the lone Pintail........

The tame tits and nuthatches were around too.

Christmas Day was cold and nasty and today (the 26th) is even worse.........I hope the weather relents by the weekend and I can get out and about.

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  1. Great selection, Stu. Love the owl in heart-shaped tree cavity.

  2. Great collection of birds. Those black woodys really look like they're from another world. Wish they were down here. The 7D does pretty well in low light as the pics are superb. Cold here too.

  3. Love the Ural Owl pic! Very nice composition especially with that vine around the hole.

  4. Those birds are really beautiful!

  5. This is another very nice serie Stu. I really like this woodpecker, its so different from the one's we have here! I wish you a happy new year !

  6. Thanks for the comments, yup the Owl in the hole makes a nice pic for sure.......


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