25 December 2012

Another Christmas in Hokkaido #2

A female Black Scoter in the harbour at Sawara yesterday. The road was a bit icy and slippery in the morning so we decided against another visit to Yakumo. I say 'we' but my wife had the wheel and made the decision. I persuaded here to go to Sawara as i wanted to try and relocate the White Winged Scoter from last week.

I couldn't find it but there were lots of Black Scoter.

They were catching some kind of shellfish.

I only ever saw Common Scoter as black specks way offshore in the UK, it's nice to see them up so close.

There were lots of Scaup in the harbour and also several Black Necked Grebe.

2 female Harlequin Duck came close but there were no males to be seen anywhere.......

So it's Christmas Day. Just an ordinary day here to be honest......I don't even feel the urge to get drunk in the daytime..........

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