2 December 2012

A Vomiting Gull

A Glaucous Gull struggling (and failing) to keep a starfish down.

Bit of a crappy week, we had a puncture this morning and ended up having to replace all 4 tires (the others were also really worn down), that's over 40000 yen that we don't really have plus over 2 hours of waiting around in gas stations.

At Kamiiso there were 7 species of gull, the usual common wildfowl including Whooper Swan and Black Scoter and some Great Crested Grebe on the sea. At Onuma there wasn't much either, here's a Nuthatch............

No eagles near Hakodate so far but we did see several Buzzard and a couple of Goshawk.

No footy on TV tonight, a bit of a dull end to a bit of a dull week.....................

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  1. Hey,. I've just eaten - do you mind? Good shot Stu, and just to prove gulls will eat almost anything. Bad luck with the rubbers - they don't last forever.

  2. Excellent timing with the exiting content and super nuthatch shot. Lots of Buzzard here recently too.

  3. Tyres eh - who'd ave em???

    Dunno what wages are like over there but I just paid almost the same for a set of four for Wifey's little Peugeot - couldn't really afford it and all that waiting round!!!
    Still that's her Christmas present sorted ;-)

    Great gull!



  4. Thanks for the comments.......

    Annoying thing replacing tires/tyres.........at least the puncture was just outside town.

  5. Interesting this gull images tryinbg to eat the starfish! Great shot's Stu ;)


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