17 January 2012

January Brents

I took a trip down to a good local spot for Brent Geese and managed to catch a flock of them in the midday sunshine. The high contrast plumage always seems to result in blown highlights.........

There were about 20 of them. They're pretty tame...........

Other stuff around included Harlequin Duck, Glaucous and Glaucous Winged Gull. Here's one of the latter.........

And here's a common bird I don't often I photograph, a White Wagtail of the local race.

Stuff in town the last couple of days included Great Egret, 5 species of duck including Wigeon, Peregrine, Grey Starling, Dusky Thrush and Siberian Meadow Bunting........

Just listening to England struggling against Pakistan, I knew World Domination wouldn't last long.

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  1. Hadn't noticed how handsome Brent Geese are.... so thanks for the introduction.

    Your wagtail is "lugens", I guess - we have some records here, but the may be overlooked as "ocularis".... which has a finer line behind the eye and usually grey back.

    Mmmm England cricketers struggling... 70 for Prior ?

  2. Hi John, yes I think it's 'lugens' formerly known as Black Backed Wagtail.

    Can't see a way out in the cricket, no chance of being saved by the rain where they're playing!

  3. Lovely series on the geese. I"m confused by the wagtails here. Does that mean it's a Japanese wagtail?

  4. Hi Russell, no the Japanese Wagtail is an entirely different species. The White Wagtail here is found from western Europe all across Asia to Japan with many different subspecies.

  5. Wow these brent shots are auperb and it looks like you were close! I've to wait three more months before seeing them normally but we have so much snow that I might have to wait more...

  6. Hi Stu
    The Brent Geese photos are fantastic,they look as if they are wearing neckachieves!! You must have a very good camera!!!The little Wagtail is
    so sweet:)

    By the way the spider was very small,grin!!!

  7. These geese are so tame! I'd love to photograph them like that too. I think it's nearly impossible to get a shot better than these.

  8. Hi Ayuwat, yes they are easy to approach and photograph......

  9. Super shots of the Brents Stu. Amazing how the same species can be so different to approach according to where they occur. Maybe all the geese in Japan aren't hunted as much as in Europe?

  10. Hi Phil, I think the flock in this harbour are just used to people as there are always fishermen around working on their boats and the suchlike.


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