9 January 2012

Another winter weekend in Yakumo #2

Yesterday saw me in Yakumo yet again and I had a great day photographing the eagles.

I started off on the bridge on Route 5 and I had some more nice BIF opportunities, some even had backgrounds other than sky.

The advantage of the bridge is that the birds are at a better angle (and not way up in the sky)............

Here are some young White Tailed Eagles.........

There were several Stellers Sea Eagles sitting in the distant trees, I waited for them to fly past and one by one they did.

Nice weather as you can see......

The eagles were dispersed right the way up the valley and many of them were feeding, often in places impossible to get close to, this is a typical scene.

Sometimes they would fly up into the trees a bit nearer and finish their meal...........

And then it cleaned its bill................

This one was at the end of the day as it got dark and the weather closed in..........

Here is a video I made of the same bird

So a great day in all, I feel so lucky to be bale to see these fantastic birds every winter.

I got an e-mail today saying there were SIX Rough Legged Buzzards east of Hakodate (and more Pine Buntings). Unfortunately I'm busy until Sunday (plus the weather is supposed to get really nasty in a day or 2).......let's hope they (both species) stick around.

This season the FA Cup isn't on the Japanese sports channels I subscribe to so I found an online feed of the Man City/Utd game, pretty enjoyable except every 2 or 3 minutes the picture would freeze for a few seconds, luckily I didn't miss any goals. No way was that a red card.

Thanks for clicking this link.........



  1. Some beautiful photographs Stu. I like the light on the bill of the Steller's passing the bridge, and your right, it is a good angle. You are so lucky. I was told of a Steller's in Niigata yesterday but I didn't see it. I hope I get to see one this winter. Nice vid too!

  2. Terrific flight shots of the eagles as usual! Just love the first pic with such deep blue sky.

  3. Fantasic images as always. I love the ones with the crows Stu.

  4. Thanks for the comments, I hope I get a few more days with the eagles before they head north again (I have about 5 or 6 more weekends before they leave)........

  5. Fabulous Steller's Sea Eagles, Stu ! The trees make a fine background, especially with that sunny glow on them !

  6. I don't even look, I close my eyes!!! No I did not see this post.... ouh ouh yes I saw it! These are fantastic shots and I'm amazed by the numbers of eagle you saw there on this river bank and on the beauty of your flight shots.

  7. Awesome images of the Steller's Sea Eagles, Stu! I am clinging to a (very slim) hope of one in Liaoning, China in late Jan (I am visiting Tom Beeke for a few days). Might need to nip over to Hokkaido! Excellent stuff.

  8. Stunning pics. So many birds you've seen! I usually birdwatch around my house or during hikes and always recognise one I don't know yet because of its flight or silhouette. My most spectacular sighting recently was how a bird of prey (probably a small falcon) picked a starling from a frantically fleeing flock! Did you know that they sound like a Thunderbird when taking off en masse?

    It was something like this...


    After living in Europe, Africa and N. America, I've seen many different bird species. When Thoreau spoke about 'black dippers' in his 'Çanoeing in the wilderness' I googled it, wanting to know what he was talking about (in 1857). This is how I ended up on your blog!

    Bless the net and the people who blog with passion. :)


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