31 July 2011

Things moving............

Usually the end of July is stinking hot but this year it hasn't been so bad. The end of July is generally the worst time for birding on south Hokkaido but at least things are starting to move. This Sand Martin was one of many on the grasslands near Oshamanbe, they must be a post breeding flock on its way south. It is my first photo of one, very tricky for a cack handed individual like me. The above was the best I could manage.

No waders around but whilst I was watching the Ospreys fishing at the river mouth in Yakumo I was surprised to see a Great Crested Grebe offshore in full breeding plumage, this species doesn't breed in Hokkaido. A lone Sooty Shearwater was blown quite close to shore too, it was pretty windy today.

Last week in Hakodate was a bit of a non event. Lots of young birds around, families of Oriental Reed Warbler being the most noticeable. Japanese Bush Warbler, more Grey Wagtail and Barn Swallow are starting to pass through. The last Chestnut Eared Bunting and Black Browed Reed Warbler were singing half heartedly too..........

I'll get back to the 3rd day of the rather engrossing topsy turvy second test..............

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  1. I still haven't seen any Sand Martin here in Japan, but there were lots of young House Martins flocking around my campus a few weeks ago though...

  2. A very difficult species to get in flight and exposure - nice one Stu.

  3. 3-0, or possible 4-0 looks very likely, eh?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Gallcissa, Sri Lanka put up a much bigger fight than India, India look both overrated and very underprepared. All the forums full of Indian fans on the internet are full of people saying oh it was because of injuries, dodgy LBW decisions, bad luck this and that. Hardly anyone is saying it is because England at this moment in time are just a much better team than India's 'golden' generation.

    The total lack of reality and sense of entitlement shown by (some) deluded Indian cricket fans is familiar to anyone who follows the England football team and reads internet forums frequented by (some) deluded England football fans.

  5. "The total lack of reality and sense of entitlement shown by (some) deluded Indian cricket fans ..."

    Haha, too bloody right!

    For the 3rd Test, I'd like to see CT in place of JT. I can't wait to see a green, green square. Muahahahahahhahahahha....

  6. I agree completely with the fans "sense of entitlement" comments.... India have looked fragile in the first two Tests - but Sachin Tendulkar is overdue a good score.

    Nice Sand Martin pic., they really are a challenge - but that's part of the fun of digital photography !

  7. Very nice flight shot with the light in the eye. (Thanks for the spoonbill id too)


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