24 July 2011

More summer staples.........

An Osprey at Yakumo this afternoon, a nice end to a very very quiet week. There were at least 5 Ospreys around, presumably the parents and this year's fledgelings.

This one was nice and close and I was happy with these shots........

Usually my Osprey shots look like this, a tad boring.........

Not much else around here, a male Scaup, a few Goosander, a few Pacific Swift. At Shikabe later in the day it had gotten dark and cloudy, not ideal weather to take pic of the Green Pigeons.

Back in Hakodate I tried to find the Wrynecks from last week but nothing doing there. The odd Little Cuckoo, Common Cuckoo, Black Browed Reed Warbler and Chestnut Eared Bunting were still singing but I suspect next weekend will see not much singing at all.

Last week was birdless except for  a Kingfisher on the river and the first young Grey Wagtail of the summer (they breed further upstream).

I'm listening to the cricket, England are doing their best to throw away the 1st test, I knew Strauss should have allowed Pietersen to continue batting until close of play on Day 2, another 40 or 50 runs would have probably seen India following on and staring defeat in the face. Now England are 5 down with a lead of only 250 or so and I'm thinking India are as likely to win the game as us. Maybe Broad will get a 100 to go with his 4 wicket haul, you never know...........

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  1. Terrific shots! I am still waiting to see an Osprey.

    And I am fervently hoping that the Indians mop up the tail....maybe VVS can do us another special....

  2. Great shots!

    I'm also listening to the cricket, things seem to have steadied a bit, Broad's very confident - I just hope he doesn't get *too* confident...!

  3. Thanks for the replies............

    Well now I'm worried we've set India a gettable target, it's only about 4 an over.....................am I being unduly pessimistic?

  4. Good work. Some nice BIF shots! -Russell

  5. Tendulkar didn't seem at his best, but the England bowlers bowled well to winkle the Indians out.

    The dropped catches by Strauss and co. could have cost them dearly, though.

  6. I wish my Osprey images were as nice and boring as yours! It's a great photo, and the sequence is really good too.

  7. Thanks for all the nice comments.

    John-yes I thought those dropped catches and the dodgy decisions in the 2nd Indian innings may have cost us the game, but in the end they won quite easily, let's hope they can keep it up as I'm sure India won't be anywhere near as poor again.

  8. Those pigeons look huge in flight Stu. Won easy in the end but I hope it doesn't go to their heads.

  9. Great serie, you captured very great shot's of the osprey catching its prey ;)

  10. What great shots! I think we may get the better of India in this series!

  11. I love the fishing sequence of the Osprey. You have been grumbling on how you haven't been able to capture this behaviour. So, are you happy now?
    I'd be, if I were you.

    I am having a lot of fun reading all the comments left by passionate Indian cricket supports in public fora.

    England looks definitely set to wrest the No.1 Test spot from Indians. This series will turn out to be a long toil for them with all those injured and unfit.

  12. Hi Gallcissa, it's true I grumble about everything,.........

    Re Indian cricket fans on blogs, wow talk about one eyed jingoism, they make England soccer fans look like reasonable fair minded folk.

  13. Those are the shots of Osprey that I wish for! Very terrific series!


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