3 July 2011

Caterpillar Attack

A Japanese Green Pigeon at Onuma this afternoon.

I've been got. By a caterpillar. On Friday afternoon I was sat on the concrete riverbank watching the Ospreys fishing (too far away for any photos) when I felt something on my neck, I brushed it off, it was soft and squishy. I later noticed a huge black and yellow caterpillar crawling up my pants. Oh well I guess that was what was on my neck before.

The next morning my neck was covered in weals and was itchy as hell, the hairy little bas**rd had left its toxic little barbs in my neck. I had inadvertently spread the infection by rubbing my neck with sunscreen, the inflammation seems to have receded after taking some medication and buying various lotions. I have a sore throat but I think that is hay fever. Or a cold. Oh and my back and leg still hurt from my slipped disc, upstairs are still noisy all the time.................one of those annoying little periods in life we all have to deal with. Still, f*****g hell.

A pair of Common Sandpiper was on the opposite bank but not much else. The 10 Goosander and 3 Harlequin Ducks were still present, here's a picture of the latter.

Today we went to Onuma, highlight of the day was a pair of Japanese Green Pigeon feeding in a tree.

Also around here were Moorhen, Mallard, Narcissus Flycatcher, lots of Red Cheeked Starlings feeding young, Grey Heron, various Tits, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers..............

We stopped off in the ricefields at Ono on the way back. 2 Intermediate Egret were a surprise, pther birds included Night Heron, Chestnut Eared Bunting, Siberian Stonechat, Oriental and Black Browed Reed Warblers, Lathams Snipe........the usual summer stuff.

Just listening to the 3rd ODI, why are England such a dull one day side?

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  1. Wow see how small animals such as caterpillar can be dangerous ;-) I hope you are doing better...both from the caterpillar attack and from your back...
    The Japanese Green pigeon are really spectacular! I love them!

  2. Nice Green Pigeon. Would love to see one. Enjoy the crawlies of summer. I'm alway a nervous wreck when I visit Australia because of such things and I absolutley freeze when I see Japanese Bumble Bees! Russell

  3. Long, long ago, when we lived on okinawa, I convinced my baby brother that it would be fun to decorate him with beautiful, fluffy caterpillars. And it was fun, for me! The next day he was covered with welts and wheals from the stinging hairs and I was in big trouble.

    A little hydrocortinsone and/or benadryl should do the trick for your symptoms. Good luck.


  4. To get stung by caterpillars is no fun.
    I know the sensation!

    I hope the England XI will go unchanged for the fourth ODI because it is your best eleven after all. :P And Andy Flower should not mess around with that batting order. :P

    Hope the forecast will be sunny!

  5. Thanks for the comments. The itchiness has seemingly begun to subside.

    Russell-you come from the world capital of creepy crawlies.

    Wilma-OMG, I feel all itchy again.......

  6. HI Galllcissa, well I said it would be 4-1 to SL, it's looking like I called it right (just like I did the test series).

    It is the best batting line-up..........but for test matches, not for ODIs. They pick all these different captains for the 3 forms of the game but still have the same top order (minus Strauss and Prior, the latter must be a better bet than Kieswetter) in tests and ODIs. Trott and Cook score too slowly, Bell is wasted at #6 in limited overs. What's the point?

    Good job I don't really care about the limited overs stuff, I have enough to fret about with Liverpool and England in the upcoming footy season. The test series against India will be interesting as i think India will get off to a slow start meaning England will get a chance of a draw, I'm going to call that series 1-1.

  7. Stu, I shall salute you, if that ODI prediction of yours comes true!

    I think England cricket team can also do with more English players who'd play for their country with pride, rather than all those imports, or mercenaries as I prefer to call them.

    Right now, that team of yours looks like a United Nations XI. Who's your chief selector, Ban Ki-Moon? :P :)

  8. Stinging caterpillars? That's what you get for living in thew tropics. Anyway pleased you got the rants off your chest and hope you're feeling better. Those pigeons must be hard to locate in the foliage, never find photograph them. Must say I hardly ever watch OD cricket, far too noisy, much prefer a proper leisurely test match but then I'm an old fogey.

  9. Hi Phil, not quite the tropics (minus 20 in winter!) but the forests and fields here are lush enough to provide lots of biting stinging things. I got lucky with the pigeons, usually you can only hear them (they make a weird noise like that old TV show 'The Clangers').

    Galllcissa, I agree, Dernbach and Kieswetter are nothing special anyway, maybe the real English players are even worse............

  10. Something tells me that England will come back to level the series ...

  11. Well you were right, sets up the final game nicely........


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