27 July 2011

On this day (July 27th).........

July 27th 2007.

A young Ruddy Kingfisher just about to leave its nest 4 years ago in Onuma. In 2007 and 2008 this same tree played host to a family of this scarce visitor to Hokkaido, the tree was right next to the road and there was a scrum of photographers watching them all summer.

Put off by the aforementioned crowds I only went twice and on this day was lucky enough to see the young leave the nest for the first time. This was with my ancient digiscoping rig, most of the time it really wasn't up to the job for anything but record shots like this.

I haven't seen any since 2008, they must have relocated to a quieter nesthole.

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  1. A good bit of digiscoping and a a nice record. I'd love to see one of these. I've been avoiding birding crowds this year.

  2. Hi Russell, thanks for the comment.............I guess they must be commoner down your way but they're difficult to locate, that's where a crowd comes in handy.........


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