12 August 2011

A very quiet period

Some Goosander at Kamiiso last week. I've just had a very quiet last 2 weeks, not much happening birdwise at all. Osprey, Kingfisher and Sand Martin were also at Kamiiso last weekend, nothing in Hakodate worth mentioning.

Last Sunday we went up to Yakumo and Oshamanbe, I wanted to see if any waders has arrived yet. They hadn't. More Sand Martin were here as well as Pacific Swift, White Throated Needletail, Japanese Green Pigeon, Scaup, Osprey, Peregrine, Long Tailed Rosefinch and several Eastern Marsh Harrier, nothing posing for photos at all, here's a big crop of a distant Harrier.

I haven't taken a decent photo for over 3 weeks..............

No riots or looting over here but there was a murder in Yakumo last week, a high school student set fire to his own house because his parents wanted him to go to college instead of letting him pursue his dream of being a voice actor. His sister died in the fire.

Having worked in the s**thole called Hackney as a social worker in the early 90's and witnessing the impotence of social services in helping anyone I'm not surprised that we now have an hopeless, amoral, lazy, welfare dependent and criminally minded underclass that thinks it's fine to go out rioting and looting in their own communities. I'll stop there before I get all Daily Mail on you.......

Stinking hot here, 32 or 33 degrees the last 2 or 3 days. Hope some waders turn up soon.

How crap are India? I was hoping for an awesome series like the 2005 Ashes, can't believe India have been #1 the last couple of years. The footy season begins tomorrow but to be honest these days I prefer following the cricket, football's soul died a few years ago.

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  1. Sorry your birding hss been quiet Stu. It has here as it rained for 3 days solid now but at least England are doing the business. Yes,a pity about the start of the football season but listening to all the pundits or reading the overhype newspapers you would think the last one was still ongoing.

  2. Mr S beat me to the rain reference - bally awful - mearly as bad as the Indians...at least Cooky got his 250.
    Hope this season fdoesn't collapse like last - got me ticket for the first home game - bring it on!!!!



    PS could do with a 30+C day - liven things up a bit.

  3. Very short answer for your rhetorical questions, if I may: very!

    I am happy that my first prediction, that of 3-0 in favour of England has come through. I didn't expect it this early though.


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