17 March 2011

Waxwings #2

Some more Waxwing shots from a couple of days ago. They have an odd way of feeding, it seems to involve swallowing the berries partially, spitting them out again and catching them mid air........

I used continuous shooting hoping to catch some more interesting facial expressions........

It's been a good winter for Waxwings, that's for sure..........

Everything is still very worrying here, every day I wake up hoping they've sorted out the nuclear plant only to find it is getting worse if anything. There are still small quakes several times a day too.

Although I have permanent residency here I still need a re-entry permit in my passport (if I don't I'd lose my residency status when I visit abroad), it ran out last month so I'm off to get a new one this afternoon. Better keep my options open although I doubt very much I'll need to flee. Still, a couple of weeks on a beach in Thailand whilst the situation here resolves itself would be very very appealing, shame I'm skint eh?



  1. Very best to you and yours, Stu.
    Donna Gray-Davis

  2. Maybe Thailand is a good idea! It's when you see those waxwings with two heads, then yep it's time to go. Stay safe.

  3. Beautiful waxwings!
    Japan is constantly on our minds. We are hoping and praying that everything gets better soon!!

  4. Hello, sorry to hassle you, but I was wondering if you have any news about Matsuo-sensei and his wife at the furen minshuku in Nemuro. I am hoping they are OK. (I worry because the house is so close to the water.) Stayed there a few years ago and had an absolutely wonderful visit. Will never forget it.

  5. Hi anonymous, I'd say it's OK not to worry about them. There was only one death in the whole of Hokkaido and that was an elderly man in Hakodate. AFAIK Nemuro was not affected.

  6. Just WOW! Don't know when will I be able to see one of these things...


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