16 March 2011

Waxwings #1

Yesterday there was a flock of 20 or so Bohemian Waxwings in the small park round the back of my apartment. Usually they are up in the trees but not this time, they were feeding on the fallen berries on the ground..............

I managed to get some nice group shots.

There were other birds in the park: a flock of 10 or so Siskin, a few Brambling and Dusky Thrush and a White Tailed Eagle even flew high overhead. But I was concentrating on the Waxwings..........

I did get a few perched shots too.......

And sometimes in the odd remaining piles of snow..........

The Waxwings provided a couple of hours when I could forget all the turmoil in Japan. I almost feel guilty for taking photos of birds and posting them on the internet whilst only a couple of hundreds of miles away survivors of the tsunami are grief-stricken cold and hungry. Blogging about birds seems so trivial. The news from Fukushima seems to have knocked the tsunami out of the news, what a tragedy that the world isn't thinking so much about those survivors anymore, the whole families and villages lost forever. Those small fishing towns that were destroyed are exactly the same as Shikabe, Yakumo, Sawara etc, the towns I spend a lot of my time in when I'm out taking photos. If the quake had been 200 or 300KM further north those small towns may have become as well known to the world as those of Miamisanriku and Kesennuma.

It's hard to gauge what's really happening down there at the power plant, my Japanese isn't good enough to follow the news broadcast word for word so I'm also relying on the international media. The Japanese media seems to be underplaying the situation down in Fukushima whilst the foreign media seem to looking for the most sensational story, at the moment I'm of the opinion that it's too far away to be a health problem for us here in Hakodate but the government/electrical company isn't telling us everything, they don't seem to be in any control whatsoever of the situation. If I was living further down south and nearer the plant with no trains and no gasoline and relying on the Japanese government and electrical companies for info I think I'd be tearing my hair out and suffering my own personal meltdown.

The emperor addressed the nation today, an unprecedented act. I really hope there is no mass panic down in Tokyo as I think the government would completely lose control. It won't come to that I'm sure but FFS sort out that power station quickly please.


I took a lot of Waxwing pics, I'll post some more presently........


  1. Some beautiful waxwing shots. I still have only ever seen one, two years ago, so can't imagine so many.

  2. See with some patience you finally got wonderful shots of waxwings... I've to admit that the international news are not really upm to it over here too... It looks like nobody really knows what is happening in this nuclear plant, and yes everybody has forgotten the poor survivor!!

  3. I sincerely hope they will sustain the power plant,a nuclear disaster after a tsunami,well..I can't bare to think of that. Some absolute breath takers you've shown us Stu,in this as well as last two posts.

  4. Hi Stu
    Great Waxwing shots, the one in the branch is superb. And I still haven't caught up with one this winter. Have you heard from Ayuwat/Tony by the way he goes to Japan but I'm not sure where.

  5. Cracking Waxwing shots Stu, glad to hear everythings okay in your part of Japan.
    There's been a similar sized flock of Waxwings around the Bamber Bridge area over the last few weeks, wish they'd at least give me a chance to get some photos like yours

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Well another morning getting up and hoping the Fukushima thing had resolved itself.....................and being disappointed.

  7. Phil-I think he's on spring break in Thailand, anyway he lives well to the south west of Fukushima..............


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