22 March 2011

On this day (March 22nd)...................

Common Crossbill

March 22nd 2008.

Common Crossbill in Hakodate.

Very close (this pic was uncropped) and because I had presumably been shooting something else in very different light just before way overexposed (400mm at 1/160sec, F8, ISO 400) this shot still managed to look almost OK.

My fave passerine species, what little characters these are............a big shame I haven't seen any for the last 2 years in Hakodate, indeed my only Crossbill sightings in Hokkaido since May 2009 was a distant treetop flock in Onuma a few weeks ago......

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  1. Nice shot! Seem that you can get really close to it:)

  2. ....and I complain about my shots! Don't think you have anything to complain about there, great shot!

  3. Crossbill are fun bird...i saw one 11years ago! Great shot Stu ;)

  4. Ah another beauty! What do you think causes their absence?

  5. Hi Amila, I guess it they follow the pine seeds, in some winters they have to travel further perhaps and that's why large numbers end up in Hakodate. maybe the pine 'harvest' was good nearer to where they breed (Siberia?) the least 2 years, I don't really know.........


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