10 March 2011

On this day (March 10th)..........

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March 10th 2008.

Asian Rosy Finch in Hakodate.

Winter 2007/2008 saw a big influx of Asian Rosy Finch into south Hokkaido. This was one of a pair that stayed several weeks near my apartment and was often seen in local gardens..........

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  1. Lovely lighting and well spotted in the first place. I think I often overlook such species.

  2. Hi Stu

    Just watching the terrible scenes from Japan. Hope you and family are OK there

  3. Hi Phil, thanks for the thought. Wow, shocking stuff indeed, everyone is a bit numb.

    It was pretty scary here but we were a few hundred KM away from the epicentre. The building was shaking a LONG time and there have been several large aftershocks. A few things fell off the wall and a lot of water sloshed out of the fishtank but luckily that was the worst of it.

  4. Hi Stu,
    I've seen the news this morning and was worried about you and your relative. I hope you are save and did not get any relative taken away in the earthquake and tsunami....


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