1 March 2011

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Stellers Sea Eagle

March 1st 2009

Immature White Tailed and Stellers Sea Eagles in Nemuro.

A bit odd to see these in an urban setting, as you can see they were perching on telegraph poles like crows or pigeons.

Winter 2008/9 was a very poor year for salmon in Hokkaido, perhaps they were hanging around town because of hunger or maybe this is an an annual occurrence, I have to say I don't really know..............

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  1. Im always impressed by the size of this bird beak! Great shot'S Stu :)

  2. Nice eagles shots as usual, Stu!
    Dont know if you have noticed or not, here's a blog showing movements of many radio tracked Steller's Sea Eagles http://stellerseaeagle.blogspot.com/ quite an interesting stuff...

  3. Lovely photographs and nice clear skies. I wonder what their ages were.

  4. Yes Stu it must seem odd but great for birders with a camera and it seems odd to me as I dont see any eagles, just Buzzards lately.

  5. All those SBG's with their slightly different shades of grey but which are hybrids and which aren't???
    Beltin glauc - why can't I have one like that on Blackpool beach???




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