15 March 2011

On this day (March 15th).............

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March 15th 2009.

Common Crossbill in Hakodate.

Male giving me a stare. Part of a big influx 2 years ago in Hakodate. This pic is only slightly cropped, they can be a surprisingly tame species sometimes...............

I'm not going out much at the moment, just not really in the mood what with everything going on just across the Tsugaru Straits. I have been checking this same area for Crossbills though and nothing doing there...........



  1. That was a nice picture and still is... Well i hope things are gonna be better soon in japan, but it looks like not really with these different nuclear power plant risks!!

  2. Hi Chris, yes it's all pretty stressful even if it is quite far away and the wind is the wrong direction to bring it nearer.

  3. Even from about as far away as you can get, the disaster and the suffering it is causing are palpable. I have found it difficult to focus at work, can't imagine what you must be feeling. But as Chris said, that is a great photo and a pleasure to look at.


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