6 March 2011

A slow March #2

A bit of a quiet Sunday started off in Yakumo, the first time I'd been back since a very productive visit 2 weeks ago. There were no Stellers Sea Eagles, they must have headed north by now I guess. But there were were 6 White Tailed Eagles at the river mouth, 2 adults and 4 immatures. Only a short session on the bridge, here are a couple of shots...........

Am I being greedy when I just think 'meh' when I see immature White Tailed Eagles?

I was with a friend and was hoping to find a Peregrine for him. This young one, presumably the same individual as 2 weeks ago, put in a brief appearance.........

We then headed down to Onuma, I hoped to repeat my luck and find a Black Woodpecker for him. No joy here but the Tits and Nuthatches kept us entertained at least........

I then went back to Hakodate to have a late birthday lunch with my good wife, we had a buffet style one and true to form I absolutely stuffed myself. A walk on the beach at Nanaehama just before sunset failed to produce the Lapland Buntings (they too must have gone north) but there were a couple of Slavonian Grebes reasonably close inshore, a bit too dark and the sea too choppy though for any good shots........

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Hope Liverpool can do Man Utd tonight.........


  1. Some great shots. Love that peregrine. Better seeing a young White-tail than none. I often get the same feeling with young goshawks down here when I'm after my 'dream' shot of an adult.

  2. Nice photos there Stu, I like the 1st,5th,6th,7th ones most.

  3. A slow day birding is still a great day out!

  4. Nice shots of the nuthatch and tits as usual!
    The Slavonian Grebe is also a very nice find. Would love to see it in breeding plumage!

  5. I too like the Peregrine shot. It can't be easy to capture that profile, when I see them they are far too distant and either miles off sat on the marsh or bombing around at 100mph.

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog Stu, I'm really enjoying yours. Like a few people I originally found it looking for Slatey-backed Gull, but came back for the Stella's Eagles, what awesome birds! Love the varied tit too.. looks like there are many superb birds over there...lucky you! :-)

  7. Thanks for all the comments...........


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