28 June 2018

Slow time a comin'

The slow season is approaching. The weather forecast is awful the next week too and of course the World Cup is on (Germany-ha!)................
The Kentish Plovers were on their beach last Monday.

There were 3 pairs actually (plus a Little-ringed Plover nearby too). We found 2 chicks.

They crouch motionless at avoid predation (but I wonder how many get trodden on: the beach is popular with fishermen).

We left soon after snapping a few photos and when we were a safe distance away the parents called and the chicks got up and scurried away...........

The adults also use the old plover trick of faking a broken wing to distract would-be predators..............

Nice to have such a bird breeding on the local beaches, although  the adults are tricky to photograph in such bright light............even when they stay still for a second or two.


  1. Replies
    1. The parents seem to be doing their jobs very well at least..........

  2. I worry about the few ringed Plovers we have left. Continual disturbance. Yes, enjoyed one result, not the other.

    1. I think I would have taken England's situation now had it been offered at the start of the tournament. I would have played a full strength team against Belgium and said f**k it let's see what happens in the knock-out stages. Part of me is glad we avoided Japan: if we lost that I'd never live it down.


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