4 May 2018

Out of action

I've been out of action for the last 3 days. A bit annoying as this is the season when birding is the most interesting and I did have lots of free time. I spent the free time in bed with a nasty cold or at the dentist having the start of root canal work due to some sudden but violent toothache.

I felt slightly better today and we had a quick look to see if anything interesting had appeared. The Saunders Gull was still there but not much else of interest. The same place as the Saunders Gull had produced Caspian Tern and both species of Spoonbill during late April/early May in the last 2 years so this small gull has carried on the tradition of this spot for turning up local rarities.

I have 3 days off coming up but it looks like it will be raining for most of the time................


  1. “Root” canal - sounds entirely appropriate for a spring affliction, but very unpleasant I am sure!

    1. Not as bad as I'd feared when they dropped it on me...........


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