31 May 2018

A Brown Dipper

We just got back from a short trip.....................

A lot of photos to sort through but this was from the start of the trip. A Brown Dipper, the east Asian species of Dipper that is common on almost every local river (upstream at least).

I've seen Dippers in Europe, Nepal, the USA and Japan.3 species in all. I recall the first ones I ever saw: on a stream high up in the hills in the Lake District near a farm where my grandparents kept a caravan. Must have been over 40 years ago............

They appear to be difficult to photograph wherever they are though.


  1. I have seen this species but once, in Bhutan. I have been to several other “reliable”places on trips to Asia, but have never run into it again.

    1. I guess it was the same one I saw in Nepal: I was a bit slack re bird ID in my 20's though.


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