26 April 2018

Blue Monday

An aptly named Blue Rock Thrush at Esashi last Monday.................

There were a few migrants around. At Matsumae there were Brown Thrush, Rustic Bunting, Common Crossbill and Brambling. At Kaminokuni there was a flock of Rook heading north but not much on the sea. Esashi was also very quiet although there were a couple of Red-flanked Bluetails to continue the blue theme..........

Other stuff around included Osprey, Great-crested Grebe and Great Egret.

A pretty quiet day, here are some Japanese Pygmy Woodpeckers from Matsumae:


  1. Blue Rock Thrush we should see in Menorca next week.

    1. The landscape at this particular place could, for a few seconds or so and with a bit of imagination, pass as the Med.........


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