7 June 2016


Well spring is over and summer is here.................

We just got back from a short camping trip, these photos are from the on the way and way back............

Black Browed Reed Warblers are common summer visitors to the grasslands and many sing at Yakumo. They were a bit shy this time though, I had to play hide and seek with them but I didn't really have enough time..............mind you I think I have enough pictures of this species by now, here are a few hasty snaps. They are definitely  one of my favourite local birds.

Siberian Stonechats are abundant summer visitors, possibly the commonest one especially in open habitats. Again, a few hasty snaps...............

Long Tailed Rosefinches are another summer specialty.

This Oriental Honey Buzzard was one of three which flew overhead on one of the mountain passes, the brutal light didn't help. I still don't have a decent shot of this species.

This female Russet Sparrow, another common summer migrant to Hokkaido, was gathering nesting materials near a place we stopped to look at a waterfall............

More photos from this trip to follow................

Pther stuff on the way/way back included Eastern Marsh Harrier, Grays Grasshopper Warbler, Blue and White Flycatcher, lots of Pacific Swift, Lathams Snipe, Sand Martin and a Red Fox with cubs

You may have noticed our small corner of Hokkaido being in the news recently. That boy who was 'abandoned' in the 'bear infested' forest and was found six days later...................well, that was in Onuma, a place I often go and just outside Hakodate. I won't pass comment on the father's parenting skills and I was happy the the story ended well but let me tell you I've been to that forest many many times and know lots of others who go there and none of us have ever seen a bear there..............and he was picked up very near a golf course and posh hotel.


  1. All gorgeous shots but for me it was lovely seeing the Long tailed Rosefinch.

  2. I chuckled a little when you said, "I think I have enough pictures of this species." You know how many times I have said that and yet I still take more. Add my wife's pictures too and we have a veritable gallery for some of them. I guess we subconsciously think this is the date we get the image to beat all the others.

    1. Exactly, I'll always look for the perfect shot for even common birds............and in every case I'm still looking.

  3. There's always the hope of getting that perfect shot, isn't there.... meanwhile I'm snapping the same stuff every year, hoping....
    Glad the kid was found okay. The coverage here was annoyingly hazy about the precise area..

    1. It has disappeared from the news now, to be replaced by the elderly wild vegetable pickers being picked off by bears..........


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