3 May 2013

More nice birds in awful weather

Ther first day of the 4 day Golden Week long weekend...................and it p***ed down with rain virtually all day.

At Kikonai there wan't much around except for a few hirundines skimming over the river in the rain. Mainly Asian House Martin and Barn Swallow but the flock contained 3 Red Rumped Swallows which were very tricky to get any shots of with my decrepit old lens in the terrible weather. These were all I could manage.

We headed over to Onuma but mnothing here except a few common birds in the rain.

Back nearer home the Black Winged Stilt from last week had found a friend.

I think they are both males so even if they decided to stay the summer up north we won't be hearing the pattering of little stilt feet this summer in Kamiiso...................

It was really dark when I was taking these photos, I hope they stick around and I can get them in better light as they were actually pretty tame today.

A lot of very samey shots, in mitigation this is a fairly exotic bird up here.

I tried to get some feeding shots but it was too dark to get fast shutter speeds.

Not much about today apart from the above 2 species. A pair of Gadwall and a Kingfisher at Kamiiso, several osprey here and there, a few common duck species still present.

I have to work most of tomorrow daytime, it'll probably be sunny.

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  1. The red rumped swallow is a beautiful bird and you got nice flight shots, probably not so easy... Same here except the rain, but the winter does not go away!

    1. Well Chris winter has gone but spring is still waiting to appear........

  2. These stilts always look funny when standing in land showing the full length of their skinny legs. Hope you can get some more shots of them when the weather is nice.

    1. I hope so too but tomorrow and the day after will be raining.............

  3. The stilt is such a nice bird, your images are very nice! I wish i could see this bird once! The Red Rumped Swallows is also pretty interesting! Great serie Stu ;-)


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