10 May 2013

Another day in the park

A Great Spotted Woodpecker looking out of its front door in Goryokaku Park. I saw them copulating several times (not as interesting as it sounds).................

Lots of migrants around but nothing especially interesting. Several Asian Brown Flycatcher (one of which may have been a female Narcissus but I was paying attention to the woodpeckers), 2 Red flanked Bluetail, 3 or 4 Eastern Crowned Warbler and 1 male Blue and White Flycatcher...................which would have been a nice shot but for the branch.

Lots of Red Cheeked Starling including some trying to take over the woodpecker hole.

The Black Winged Stilt was still there. I took lts and lots and lots of photos of it the last couple of days which I''ll sort through later and post in the upcoming fallow summer months. Here are some purely random ones of the hundreds and hundreds on my hard drive............

It let me approach it to within a couple of metres and I could lie down on the (dry) grass and get some low angle ones................

It was attracting some attention from the hordes of people in the park looking at the cherry blossoms. The weekend is coming and the park will be heaving.................I suspect this was the last time for me to see it.

Here is a short jerky video I made and uploaded to youtube with no editing.


  1. Loving the recent migrant shots Stu, keep em coming!

  2. All the birds look great in the cherry blossom. I like the head "close-ups" of the Stilt, too.


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