20 May 2013

2 days off so the weather is crap. Again.

4 Harlequin Duck at Kamiiso yesterday. They are in moult and take shelter in the river................

The weather has been crappy the last 2 days..................a bit annoying after the great weather last week when I was busy. At Kamiiso yasterday there wasn&t much about. 10 Grey Tailed Tattler, 1 Dunlin and 3 Common Sandpiper were the only waders. A handful of duck remained. 2 Black Scoter were offshore and there were a few Scaup too.

A Red Throated Diver was offshore and in the ricefields whilst i was looking for waders (nothing doing there) I saw my first Oriental Honey Buzzard of the summer.

Today in Goryokaku Park the weather was very dark and grey but many of the migrant species were still in evidence. Asian Brown, Narcissus and Blue and White Flycatchers, Eastern Crowned and Sakhalin Leaf Warbler Japanese White-eye, Common Crossbill and I even heard an Oriental Cuckoo.............

Not many photos, here's a Blue and White Flycatcher.

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  1. Interesting to see some ducks still remained. Hope the weather improve soon!

  2. Great. Never seen a Scaup out of water before and Harlequin Ducks are just stunning birds.

  3. Can't go wrong with Harlequins, whatever the weather

  4. Amazing to see a Scaup so close - impossible here as you know.

    1. Hi Phil, actually during winter they hang around in small harbours here and I tend to ignore them after a while and look for more interesting species like the grebes.........

  5. That last shot is very striking. Shooting a semi-silhouetted bird is never easy, but the out of focus blossom(?) has a wonderful luminance.


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