2 May 2013

Brown Shrike

A really really crappy photo but it is (I think) a female Brown Shrike on the river near my flat this afternoon. I know it isn't brown..........this is the lucionensis subspecies. I have seen the nominate race a couple of times before in Hokkaido but have never photographed it.This is rarer and was a nice find.  It disappeared before I could get a decent shot.

Migration is hotting up but the weather is still cold..............no cherry blossoms out yet. Birds around in Goryokaku park the last few days have included a male Brambling in summer plumage, 2 Olive Backed Pipit, lots of warblers and buntings (all of which were just Japanese Bush Warbler and Black Faced Bunting), a flock of Dusky Thrush which contained 1 Brown Thrush, Kingfisher, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Hawfinch, Common Crossbill, lots of Barn Swallow, Red Cheeked Starling, Japanese White-eye and Common Teal.

I've never photographed Olive Backed Pipit before either.................here's another crappy photo of one.

I have 3 out of the next 4 days off, hopefully we'll get nice weather AND nice birds.

Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Ken Barlow? My god, who will be next?

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  1. What a nice find! I've never seen the nominate subspecies(superciliosus) of Brown Shrike in Japan yet, but lucionensis and confusus are pretty common in Thailand.

    1. The nominate is pretty scarce these days and this subspecies is rarer this far north I think.

  2. Nailed on Brown Shrike for me. Looked earlier on a crappy phone screen and was surprised to read female - it looks like a stonking adult male to me. Wouldn't a fem have scalloping down the breast sides and flanks.
    Any pic of a shrike is a good pic!

    1. It actually looked just like the pic of a female in one of my books but yes it could well be a male........

  3. It is a striking looking Brown Shrike. Well spotted and captured. Hope you get some good weather over the break. I'm hoping for it too.


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