7 May 2013

Blue and Green

A male Blue and White Flycatcher and an Eastern Crowned Warbler near my apartment this afternoon.

I had an hour or so to spare this afternoon and I was pleased to see lots of migrants in the few remaining trees and bushes next top the river.

There were 2 male Blue and White Flycatchers, one of the most stunning summer visitors to Hokkaido.

 I was looking down on them so the angles weren't so good, also most of the time they were in the shade. When they reach their breeding grounds they tend to stay high up in the canopy though..............

There were also quite a few Eastern Crowned Warblers knocking about............

Other stuff included lots of Black Faced Bunting and Dusky Thrush, a female Red Flanked Bluetail, a lone flash by Red Rumped Swallow, Hawfinch and Japanese Bush Warbler. In Goryokaku Park I tried to locate more warblers and flycatchers but all I could fund was a lone Olive Backed Pipit and a flock of Japanese White-eye.

The last few days were a washout and it was a long holiday weekend too. On Sunday I spent the afternoon at Kamiiso under leaden skies. There were quite a few divers offshore, mainly Red Throated (some coming into summer plumage) and at least one Pacific Diver. Huge rafts of Scaup were also on the sea but there were only a few other common ducks around. There was also a lone Glaucous Gull, several Osprey, 2 Whimbrel and 1 Bar Tailed Godwit. Yesterday saw very heavy rain. We had a quick look at the ricefields in Ono hoping to see some waders but couldn't find any. Flocks of Brambling, Dusky Thrush and Black Faced Bunting were passing through and I saw my first Reed Bunting of the year.

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  1. Brilliant shots of both species! Still haven't seen any of them this year.

  2. Beautiful. Flycatchers are so much more specious in the east. The EC Warbler shots are great - especially the beastie scoffing one.

  3. Gorgeous photos! That is some brilliant blue!

  4. Those blue flycatchers are gorgeous! Enjoyed your photos! I sometimes have a blue bunting visitor that is almost that blue...

  5. Two birds I have never seen. Excellent captures!

  6. Beautiful pictures, Stu. The blue-and-whites really are spectacular when you can view them at these angles. I saw a few over the holidays but I was looking up most of the time and they just looked white with black heads and shoulders. Thanks for identifiying a couple of birds on my blog the other day too.

  7. The flycatcher is stunning. Great pictures.


  8. Gorgeous birds, the blue bird is so pretty! Great shots!

  9. Those blue and whittle flycatchers are such stunning birds. Great captures.

  10. I'd twitch a Blue & White Flycatcher!!!!! Everton colours - superb looking bird.

    Was there a reason for the removal of so many of the trees and shrubs, or was it just the infernal 'tidying up' brigade out in force again? They are a nightmnare here even though the country's broke they find plenty of money to do the 'wron' things



    1. Hi Dave, I guess it was just the city hall's treecutting budget getting used up. They paid folk to cut down the trees but not pick up all the garabage that accumulates down there..............pathetic really.

  11. Beautiful colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  12. Thanks for all the comments.......

  13. Great series of these beautiful birds.
    The blue I've never seen.
    Best wishes, Irma

  14. That blue is remarkable!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne


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