16 May 2013

A Siberian Blue Robin

A male Siberian Blue Robin (SBR) in Goryokaku park yesterday morning.

I was already up very early (watching the Wigan v Arsenal game) and got to the park about 6am in the morning gloom...................but there were absolutely loads of birds around.

The SBR was skulking around in the undergrowth for the most part but occasionally showed itself. This was the first time for me to photograph this species. The light was very poor and I was at ISO 800 but I got some OK (ish) shots, not great but better than record shots.

They are quite common in the forest on Mt Hakodate but very difficult to see. This one was more obliging than most......................

It was still there today in much better light but I was very short of time and couldn't take any pictures of it. Yesterday I was wishing for a f2.8 lens instead of an f5.6 one that still needs to be stopped down to get sharp.

A LOT of migrants have been passing through Hakodate this week.......................more updates soon.

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  1. The first shot is much better than OKish! Keep updating. I really want to see more summer migrants from over there.

  2. Hi Ayuwat, thanks for the comment, I have 2 or more posts to come from the pics on my hard drive of the deluge of (common) migrants this week............

  3. First one is really nice - like 7 and 8 a lot too. I know you have to be your own harshest critic, but I had to have a wry smile when you were complaining about ISO 800! I was at Loch Garten yesterday and the ISO never got below 1600!

  4. I think your lens is pretty nice Stuart. I'm envious of your results. Excellent pictures and super robin to find.

  5. He's a stunningly beautiful bird, great captures!


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