27 April 2011

On this day (April 28th)

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April 28th 2009.

Actually a day early but this week has been so uneventful I have literally nothing to post.........

The above pic shows a Japanese White-eye in the cherry blossoms near my flat 2 years ago. It must have been a warmer spring 2 years ago as the cherry blossoms are nowhere near open yet in 2011.

This has been a very quiet last week or so: cold wet weather, a busy schedule and ongoing nerve pains as a result of my slipped disk has meant very little action. I've had a couple of brief excursions but only Dusky Thrush, Hawfinch and Bullheaded Shrike are around. There were some Brambling around a few days ago and I had a brief fleeting glimpse of an odd looking bird from my window last weekend, it could have been a Woodcock. Or perhaps just a pigeon being weird.

2 years ago on this day there were lots of stuff around right near my flat, not only the White-eyes but also this Short Tailed Bush Warbler, not a bird I often get to photograph.

Short Tailed Bush Warbler

And this female Red Flanked Bluetail too.........

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Unfortunately a lot of the trees and bushes along the river where I took the above 2 shots have gone as Hakodate City Hall have 'improved' the river (I wish they had picked up all the festering garbage at the same time). There really haven't been any migrants so far this spring in the handful of trees and bushes that have escaped the chainsaws.

On the same day 2 years ago there were a couple of very tame Crossbills in the park.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This one is uncropped.

Common Crossbill

Lots of stuff around 2 years ago but SFA around now, at least near my apartment.

I hope the weather improves soon, I have several days off coming up........

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  1. Lovely photos! Sad to hear how the environment is being compromised by the authorities. Wish you a speedy recovery!

  2. It's quiet here too Stu, with lots of stuff held up by northerlies. Be grateful you haven't had the TV dominated by crap all day long, I'm longing to see some real news. Anyway you have some great archive material to use at any time.

  3. Hi Phil, yes thank god I managed to avoid all that cr*p.

  4. Awseome shot's Stu, the 1st one is superb, i love the look of this unique bird ;)


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