22 April 2011

First lifer of 2011

It's a lousy heavily cropped photo but it shows a male White Winged Crossbill this morning, part of a flock of 10 birds (at least one I think was a normal Crossbill). I guess you could say I twitched it as I'd heard they were present and decided to take a look myself.

This is a new bird for me although I've had a few 'maybes' of this species before.

This was in an area about 40 minutes walk from my apartment. It's in a nice quiet part of town and was a peaceful place to wander around in. Shortly after I arrived I saw Osamu who had found the crossbills a couple of days ago, he was with 4 friends and they said the crossbills had just flown off!

I waited another hour or so and heard their calls, the flock was fairly mobile and stayed up in the trees, it was impossible to get a good shot.

There were other birds around too. Siskin, lots of Coal Tit, Great Spotted and Japanese Pygmy Woodpeckers..............

It then started raining so I set off home, unfortunately the nerve pain from my herniated disk made a return so it was a long wet rather uncomfortable hobble through the rain..............but at least I saw the White Winged Crossbills.

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  1. Beautiful birds. Especially like the crossbill.

  2. That's a weird looking and tiny woodpecker Stu but I like the way your photo shows how it blends in with that tree - silver birch?

  3. Hi Phil, I think it is some kind of dwarf pine maybe?

  4. I love how some of your bird are so different from ours! The woodpecker is so cute :) Great shot's Stu ;)


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