2 April 2011

Another Osprey

I took a long long almost fruitless walk yesterday. Almost no birds anywhere. the sea was completely devoid of birdlife, a few Siskin, Coal Tit, Daurian Redstart and Dusky Thrush were in the parks and trees but that's all.

This Osprey was fishing at the mouth of the Kameda river.

It dived once, grabbed a fish and immediately dropped it. Unfortunately the AF couldn't keep track of it as it dived so I just have the standard BIF shots which look very similar to the ones from Yakumo a couple of days ago. Every big river has a pair. The Kameda isn't big enough, presumably this was an individual heading north...........

The electioneering has begun for the city and prefectural elections on April 10th. Basically this consists of candidates (or their supporters) driving very slowly and bellowing through loudspeakers (all they say is the candidate's name and the local variant of 'thanks for your support'). It is very annoying, I have a whole week of that to look forward to. Great. And all the election will decide is which incompetent/corrupt middle aged or elderly man will get his sticky hands of the public coffers for a few years.

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  1. Great capture Stu, this is such a nice bird!

  2. Great to see these wonderful birds when out birding.

  3. Great Ospreys Stu. Yes, politicians are the same the world over, luckily most of us realise that.

  4. Thanks for the comments, yes it is a great local patch bird..........

    Phil they could teach the UK politicians a thing or two about corruption though...........

  5. "Sticky Paws ?" - nice to know politicians are the same everywhere !


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