9 February 2011


A pair of White Fronted Geese at Kamiiso this afternoon. Not a vintage week for photos so far.........

Not much around in town the last week, it turned pretty icy and nothing to report from near my apartment except a couple of Red Breasted Merganser and a male Goosander on the river yesterday.

I checked out the port in Kamiiso, not much here either. Lots of Great Crested Grebe offshore, the usual common seaducks including flocks of Black Scoter and the Kentish Plover was still around too.

I headed slightly inland and the Geese were in among the Whooper Swan and ducks.

There were also Pochard, and these Goldeneye and Goosander here.......

Small birds included Japanese Wagtail, Siskin and Long Tailed Rosefinch. These 2 White Tailed Eagle were in an inaccessible place of the river, I didn't want to wade through snowdrifts to get any closer so this record shot will have to do.......

There were lots of dead salmon in the river, probably a little too deep for the eagles to get easily(and too deep for the abundant crows/kites too). Actually this spot is very good for Kite BIF shots as they fly around very close but against stone grey skies like today it's difficult to get any keepers............

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  1. pffff, wow, the pictures of the eagles is just incredible! How can you see so many in a so small area!!! Gorgeous. Nice that you saw the white-fronted geese, we see them in April till end of August usually... Splendid!

  2. Japan seems to have an interesting number of wild ducks and geese, interesting birds!

  3. Really nice shots of the male goosander!
    I still haven't got any good photos of the White-fronted Goose though I've seen 3 of them flying around before.

  4. Don't worry, Stu, I don't think we devoted readers really expect you to wade through snowdrifts for blog post material !

    Either Goosander or Goldeneye (or ANY goose) would cause a stir here in Hong Kong...

  5. Now many eagles are in that tree! That's great to get so many together like that.


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