18 February 2011

On this day (February 18th)....................

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February 18th 2009.

Ural Owl at Onuma, poking its head around...............

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  1. Beautiful shot Stu... Excellent composition too ;-)

  2. That picture just made me really smile Stu. The owl certainly knew you were about with your camera.

  3. Superb pose!
    I am going to miss the best of the world cup. Do you get to see the matches live?

  4. Good!! Where did you take it? Another area where I took a Owl photo in Onuma?

  5. Thanks for all the comments..........

    Galllcissa-I'll watch a few dodgy online feeds (no-one in Japan cares about cricket so it's never on TV).

    Tomohiro-this is an old photo (2 years ago), it's near the Nuthatch place. I haven't seen the Owl in this tree since this photo was taken......

  6. What a cute bird! I've still yet to see this owl nicely in daylight.


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