20 February 2011

Frozen on a Bridge #1

From Hakodate Birding

I spent several hours on the bridge at Yakumo on Sunday, 3 separate visits in fact (it was so cold I had to go back to the car to warm up). The weather wasn't that cold (well it was snowing) but the fact I was so exposed made it a real test of endurance (plus in the morning I was getting soaked by the slushy spray from the speeding trucks going over the bridge). But it was worth it...........

The day started at Onuma in brilliant sunshine. The Smew from last week were still around..........

Here's a snapshot from my cellphone........

I heard both Grey Headed and Black Woodpecker but there wasn't much around, a few Hawfinch, Goosander, Goldeneye etc. We headed up to Yakumo and it was snowing by the time we got up there.

My first stint on the bridge produced the obligatory eagle in a tree pic. There were some on the ground too but they were a little too far off. A young White Tailed Eagle flew right over my head.........

There were several Grey Heron and a couple of Great Egret flapping around too..........

Not much in Hakodate last week. A lone Bohemian Waxwing and Great Egret near my flat, White Tailed Eagle and the usual common wildfowl over at Kamiiso but nothing posing for the camera.

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Like I say I went to the bridge 3 times in all, I took an early lunch break after the above photos (scallop curry in case you're curious). 

#2, #3 and maybe even a #4 to follow soon, I filled a 32GB CF card (I blame the BIFs for that).


  1. Well it looks like it was worth it yes.... Only the eagle shot would have done it for me, but men the male smew, I've never seen them! Only seen a female once in a lake over here! Great stuff Stu!

  2. Love those flight shots of eagle and egret,that cellphone snap of snowy landscape too,it's beautiful!

  3. Hi Chris, it's the only halfway decent shot of a Smew I've ever taken.........

    Hi Amila, yes cellphone cameras are useful when I can't be bothered changing lenses (or carrying my older DSLR body with landscape lens).

  4. Stu, those Smew in flight are just fantastic. I haven't seen a drake Smew for years but I'm going back to your pics now for another look.


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