15 February 2011

Brents and Harlequins

The construction work started early this morning, they were digging up the road right outside my window. There was nothing wrong with the road before but hey public money has to be spent on meaningless crap, this is Japan after all with the biggest national debt in the developed world.

The weather was nice so I decided to escape the deafening noise and went down to my fave spot for Brent Geese and Harlequin Ducks, they were both present although the harsh bright midday light made photography a little hard, after I tweaked these photos on the computer they do look a tad artificial.

There were about 25 or so Brent Geese in 2 lose flocks...........

And there were 6 or 7 Harlequin Duck too........

Not much else around....................I'm waiting for the Crossbills in the local parks and the Grebes/Divers in the local ports...............fingers crossed some or all will arrive shortly.

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  1. Stu, Harlequin just has to be my most yearned for tick and you keep wandering out of your front door and clicking away. I think I'm gonna have to look in Martin Mere or somewhere but it just wouldn't be the same would it?

  2. Excellent Stu... I will still have to wait a bit for the brent to come over here. They usually arrive around March-April... Just as the Harlequin ducks that I might see on the big river at the same time ;-) You got beautiful pictures in a very nice light!

  3. Wow the light is perfect in all shots! The geese seem to be even harder to get the right exposure than the Harlequin. I'd really like to see one.

  4. Thanks for the comments...........

    Phil-you should come to Hokkaido one day instead of hot but revolution torn destinations like Egypt...........you can all have all the Harlequins you want..........

    Chris-yup we share many of the same birds, perhaps Phil should head up your way?!?

    Ayuwat-the light was, er, helped a little in Photoshop....ahem.


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