4 February 2011

Geese in the rain

Some very unexpected weather this morning.................it rained.

I was down at the local Brent Goose spot.

Can't believe it was raining. Very slushy and icy (I slipped and fell for the first time this winter), horrible in fact..............

I took a mini-tripod and made a short video. Dodgy sound yet again, should I buy an external mic?

Brent Geese Feb '11 from Stuart Price on Vimeo.

Not much else around, a few Harlequin Duck and a flyover White Tailed Eagle being the main stuff of interest.

Thanks for clicking this link.



  1. The rain doesn't seem to bother the Brent Geese !

    I couldn't make the video play, but that's probably a fault at MY end, not yours.

  2. Hi John, dunno why you can't see it, maybe you have something disabled in your browser?

    If you are desperate to see it (and oh I'm sure you must be!) you can click on 'Brent Geese Feb '11' which will presumably take you to the vomeo original..........

  3. Nice shots and video, which I could see OK.
    We have been having too much of rain because of La Nina. I am off on a 8-day tour tomorrow guiding a top Holarctic lister who comes here for just 6 birds: Brown Fish Owl, Slaty-legged Crake, Great Thick-knee, Small Pratincole, Kashmir Flycatcher, and Pied Thrush.

    Wish me luck!

  4. Hi Amila, hope you bag all 6...........

  5. Great shots of the geese as usual!
    The weather has been brilliant down here for quite a while now. The flowers are even beginning to bloom. Guess spring has already arrived here.


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