6 February 2011

Sunday Staples

My wife kindly drove me to Yakumo for a couple of hours and there were a couple of obliging Stellers Sea Eagles, this is turning into a weekly thing now............

It stayed in the same place for a couple of hours as I waited in vain for it to do something. I'd left my 1.4 teleconverter at home so this video is actually cropped, it shows it having a bit of a scratch.....

There are still lots of eagles of both species around but I've noticed there are hardly any first winter Stellers Sea Eagles-does this mean they had a poor breeding season last summer?

Here is another adult, nearer than the first but not at a great angle...........

On the way back we crossed the river near the coast and I noticed about 20 or so eagles standing on the ice..............

Not close enough really plus I only had a few minutes before we had to head home.........I got some good shots a couple of years ago from this bridge and weather permitting I may try and go up again this week by train (it's the only eagle viewing spot that is feasible to get to on public transport). It was mild today, I've spent some very very cold times on this bridge before............

Other stuff around today included flocks of Rook plus the usual common wildfowl including lots of Whooper Swans........

I watched Newcastle's amazing comeback last night, what with Wolves beating Man Utd maybe Liverpool can pull a surprise against Chelsea tonight.

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  1. I think your video was worth the trip but the photos of the eagle are nice too. You did a good job on this series of photographs.

  2. The opening shot is a nice semi birdscape actually! You've got him in the eye level and with a nice composition.

  3. Taking a picture of a bird of prey is a dream yet to come true. The species we have are not this abundant around here. I envy you! :-)

  4. Such a beautiful bird. This series and the rest of your blog really makes me want to come visit Japan!

  5. 20 eagles on the ice, man, you make me dream!!! These are beautiful shots despite the wintery weather you probably have and therefore the lack of light ;-) Did I say that? ;-) Beautiful Stu!

  6. Great serie, love the video..it's fun to see it on video!

  7. Nice video. The 7D is a really versatile camera.

  8. Stellar Steller pics. Saw my first Steller here in Niigata since Feb 2007 on Sunday. High up on a big powerline tower and my photos are dreadful. It only stayed for 12 minutes before we saw the back of it as it flew away. Would love to spend more time with one again.

  9. Oooooh - Steller's. There can't be a more spectacular Eagle, well worth the trip !

  10. Thanks for all the comments, John-I'll trade you a Stellers for an Imperial...........


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