8 October 2009

A quiet autumn week.......

Not much around the last week except the Night Herons which have been dwindling in numbers (only 1 today). I'm enjoying the 7D, it's great for action shots (like flying birds) but except the Night Herons there hasn't been much to photograph.

The frog below was on a dark rainy day at Onuma and the Temincks (?) Cormorant was a surprise find in the local park.

The first Rustic Buntings of the autumn have appeared but other than that nothing of note.

After 4 or 5 weeks of generally fine weather it's pouring down outside. A typhoon has hit central Japan and we're getting the tail end of it. 5 years ago a typhoon hit Hakodate before it had fizzles out and did a lot of damage. Trees down everywhere and no electricity for a day. Hopefully that won't happen tonight.

Looks like Liverpool's season will be over by Christmas.


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  1. I was just reading about the typhoon and thought about you- looks like a fair bit of damage round Tokyo so I suppose just having the heavy rain is not so bad!


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