3 October 2009

Breaking the 7D's cherry.............

I was able to grab an hour or so before work this morning to test my new 7D. Luckily the Night Herons obliged.

It is quite a complicated beast compared to what I'm used to but on first impressions it's a winner. For flight shots the AF is fantastic.

Even the usual skulking shots seemed better.........

It can't work miracles though............



  1. Great detail Stewart! I have to look into SLR scoping once my budget allows.

  2. Oh the rubythroat! One of my favorites, hoping to see some around here :))

  3. I was very much looking forward to taking bird shots like you, but I think it will be difficult now.

  4. I'm thinking of getting the 7D too. how is it with low light? have you had a chance to use it more since the post?


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