18 September 2009

Wader Season #8

3 Red Necked Stints were on the beach at Kamiso this morning. Initially they were very jumpy but they got progressively tamer and I just sat down on the sand and they busily fed only a few feet away. Most of today's photos are only slightly cropped, if at all.

Not much to say really. I arrived, I took a lot of photos and then I went home.

Not much else around. Goosander, Mallard, Grey Heron, Kingfisher, a few Stonechats and a lone Common Sandpiper was about it............

I took a hell of a lot of shots (and filled a 8GB card pretty much) and about half were out of focus. I don't know if it's down to my crappy technique/limitations with the AF of my aging 400D/limitations with the 100-400L or a mixture of 2 or more of these. The 7D should remove one of those obstacles at least. I don't like AI Servo on the 400D so I tend to use to use one shot focus, the 7D has a new focusing system with some new focusing options which I hope will help bumbling idiots like me.

A very photogenic species and they'll be gone very soon so forgive my deluge of Stint shots the last few weeks. They were eating all kinds of stuff including dragonflies.....

One point of interest was the large number of Salmon already in the river. Perhaps this year will see a big Salmon run after all.............

Here's a crappy shot of some Salmon from the river bank, AF was useless so I had to use MF.



  1. I am now looking forward to picking up my first Red-necked Stint from Sri Lanka....

    I guess the Little Stint is rare over there?

  2. Hi Gallicissa, rare but regular. Probably overlooked in autumn, the 2 species look pretty similar at that time..........

  3. Fantastic wader shots yet again SCE. You seem to get that exposure just right.


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