13 September 2009

Wader Season #7

Wader season continues. This is one of 2 scruffy looking  Dunlin on the beach at Kamiso just before sunset today. Marginal conditions for my set-up, the lens was wide open and ISO was up to 800 meaning some fairly crappy shots. Hopefully the 7D will serve me better.
One Red Necked Stint and the two Bar Tailed Godwits remained from Friday.

Common Sandpiper and Grey Tailed Tattler were also around but most of today's shots are of grainy blurry Dunlins.

We made it out to Onuma but nothing there except mosquitoes. Over at Shikabe there was a Common Guilemot bobbing around offshore but absolutely no waders whatsover.
This lighthouse used to be the spot in Hokkaido for seeing Gyrfalcons.

But not anymore (and anyway they were only in winter and actually they had stopped coming by the time we got a car and were in a position to visit the location). There was a Peregrine around as well as this young Goshawk which took off before I could get a decent shot.

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  1. Dunlin would be very good bird to find in Sri Lanka and a lifer for me.

    There is a very good software to correct camera noise called Noiseware tp://www.imagenomic.com/nwpg.aspx.

    You just download a trial version and test it for yourself first.

  2. Superb wader shots my friend, as always.

  3. Dunlin is a rare migrant in Thailand also.
    I'm kinda missing waders in Japan now since they're so tame.
    No tame waders here in Thailand.


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