25 September 2009

Autumn begins.

A beautiful clear autumnal day again in south Hokkaido, the Night Herons appear to have mostly relocated downstream.

There were also loads of Arctic Warblers. Their buzzing calls were everywhere along the river......

Unfortunately they were hanging around in a dark shady area meaning crappy photos..........

Bird of the day was a briefly seen Siberian Rubythroat which was attacked by a Bullheaded Shrike and disappeared before I even had my camera out.

Lots of Asian Brown Flycatchers again yesterday............

The top one kind of looked like a Sooty but the bill is too long and the wings appear to be too short.

I'm determined to photograph (or at least find) a Sooty Flycatcher this autumn although time may be running out.

I had a trip to the dentist this morning. A small part of one of my teeth separated from a filling fell out earlier this month. The dentist took a look and said I had 2 options. He could polish it up and leave it be for a while (ie indefinitely) or completely rip out the filling and replace it. Let me see, I thought. I could take the first option (no pain, cheap and quick) or the second (pain, multiple trips to the dentist and loads of money). Well duh. Polish and be damned I said.



  1. I would rate those Arctic Warbler shots "decent". Still smarting from the loss to England yesterday.

  2. Don't worry Gallicissa it was a bit of a fluke (the cricket not the Arctic Warbler shots I mean).

    England are a decent test side in English conditions but a pretty poor ODI side anywhere and not match for Sri Lanka at the moment, certainly not in limited overs. Still, you never know, they may surprise a few people. C'mon England!

    When I first started watching cricket in the early 80's Sri Lanka weren't really taken seriously but now they're right up there with some of the best players around and with a team that can compete against anyone.

    If you'd said in the early 80's Sri Lanka would be miles better than the West Indies (in all formats) within 25 years I would have said put away that crack pipe...............my how timws have changed. Just goes to show.

  3. Three nice shots of the flycatcher!
    Haven't seen any around here...

  4. Do you still think that it was a fluke? I am amazed by England's resurgance. I have become a big fan of Eoin Morgan. If England can pass today's hurdle, they will be unstoppable.

    Hey, I got my lens! Weather has turned lousy since then. Am waiting for sunnier skies.

  5. Hi Gallicissa, glad you got your lens.

    I'm waiting for my 7D (released today in Japan but it may take a day or 3 or 6 to arrive at the local store I've ordered it from).


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