30 October 2017

Like moving house.............

Some Harlequin Ducks to the east of town this morning....................

I've switched postprocessing software. After using Adobe Lightroom for the last 6 or so years I have changed to a mixture of  DXO Photolab for raw conversion and ACDsee for cataloguing. I haven't quite got the hang of the new programs..............it's a big change. Kind of like moving house.

I chose DXO for its excellent noise reduction. These were underexposed shots of birds in shadow and they are much better than I could have managed if I'd attempted it in Lightroom.............

Not perfect of course but not so bad.

They did swim out of the shade..............

Otherwise pretty quiet. The Whooper Swans have arrived at Onuma. The first Dusky Thrush were there yesterday too. Rook and Daurian Jackdaw as well...............


  1. excellent choice of subject - Harlequins are stunning stunning birds

    1. Thanks Mike, I guess it's not a bird you see so often in HK.

  2. The technical photo talk is like Mandarin to me, but the shots of the Harlequin Ducks are terrific.

  3. Exciting Ducks and they look spectacular, Stuart. I"d love to see them. I'm tired of paying a subscription for Lightroom too and I bought Affinity Photo for 6000 yen. I still have used it or cancelled my Adobe subscription. My contract doesn't run out until next May. Anyway, you seem to know what you're doing with yours.

    1. Hi Russell, I was still using Lightroom 5.7 (from about 3 years ago, not the subscription version).

      I tried Affinity too. It was OK for most tasks but DXO was absolutely fantastic for high ISO images. Affinity doesn't have a catalogue function either......ACDsee does, so I got that too.


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