8 October 2017

A quiet Sunday in early October

A Common Buzzard near Yakumo today................

A nice warm clear autumnal day but pretty quiet birdingwise. I spent a fruitless couple of hours at a Crested Kingfisher spot but although I saw several I couldn't get any photos.

Plenty of signs of birds no the move. Flocks of Scaup, Pintail, Wigeon, Teal and Shoveler. Great Egrets in several locations. Goshawks and Peregrines. Lots of Buzzards...........and this one was unusually tame.

Only a couple of Ospreys about, these were probably birds just passing through...........

The only waders were a couple of Greenshank at Oshamanbe.


  1. They are very common around here now Stu, the most common raptor by far. Can't get near to get pictures like the one sat up though. Mazing they have done so well with such a shooting fraternity around here.

    1. The rise in the number of Common Buzzard is something I really notice when I go back to England now..........

      This may be a different species according to some, I believe it may be called 'Eastern Buzzard'.


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