29 August 2017

World War 3

A Red-necked Stint in town yesterday.............

I was woken up at 6am this morning with emergency alerts to my iphone and sirens and announcements blaring outside. It was the North Korean missile which pretty much passed over Hakodate.....................

I couldn't get back to sleep. Kim-jong Un- you made me feel tired all day. F**k you, fatty.

There were several stint flocks around but not much else.

Although they are very common I love photographing them, even in gloomy weather like yesterday.

The only other stuff of interest included my first Black-necked Grebe of the 'winter'............


  1. You have your whack job in your hemisphere and we have ours here. Yours might be a tad more predictable.

    1. Hey we're relying on yours to protect us.............

  2. Nice close-ups of beautiful waders. My wife's alarm already woke me up at 5:30. I was trying to keep my eyes closed when the emergency alert went off. We have so many alerts now. Fire, earthquake, tsunami, floods, missiles. Time I started reading the content of the alerts. I don't know if I should go to the basement or stand on the roof or move an open field.

  3. I thought of you in Hakodate when I heard of this.....it's pretty frightening.

    Still the RN Stints are looking nice at this time of the year ...

    1. Thanks John, It was frightening but only for a few minutes..........


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